Florence Kelley’s article, Hull House, written for New England Magazine

History of Hull House Settlement House: Archival Resources

Interview with Chairman of the Board, Steve Saunders, about the closing and impact of the JAHHA

Interview with Louise W. Knight on Jane Addams: Spirit in Action – The Diane Rehm Show (transcript and audio file)

Jane Addams Digital Edition: Searchable collection of published/unpublished works written by, to, or about Jane Addams

Jane Addams Hull House Association Facebook Page (until closing)

Jesse F. Binford talks with Studs Terkel about Jane Addams on WFMT, 02 June 1960: Interview of a longtime Hull House resident and coworker of Jane Addams

Stuff You Missed in History Class – Missed in History: Jane Addams Part 1: Podcast about Jane Addams’ early life and her work at the Hull House

Stuff You Missed in History Class – Missed in History: Jane Addams Part 2: Podcast about Jane Addams’ later career as a philosopher, advocate, and peacemaker

Social Justice for All – The Closing of Hull House (includes complete mission statement)

Quotes by Jane Addams

What Would Jane Addams Do?: Audio file of a panel of experts from NASW from May 1966 discussing immigrant/migrant services, the mission of social workers today, and what Addams’ thoughts would be on 1960s social welfare policies.

Your Chicago Podcast #32 – Jane Addams Hull House: In the podcast, hosts Arden Joy and Stefania, interview the Exhibition Assistant and Museum Educator of the Jane Addams Hull House, Rachel Shrock, about the broad impact the Jane Addams Hull House and other Chicago history.