“Emotional Goodbye to Hull House”
Leah Hope ABC 7 Chicago 27 January 2012
This article describes how the closing of the Hull House Association in 2012 and consequently the Parkway Community House services in the Woodland Community impacted the community members and former employees.

“Nonprofit world wonders how Hull House failed given executives on board”
Author unknown Crain’s Chicago Business 27 January 2012
This article describes the confusion felt by the nonprofit world as one of the oldest settlement organizations and longest-standing social service nonprofits failed into bankruptcy.

Chicago Park District: LeClaire Courts/Hearst Community
This website gives a description and brief history of the LeClaire Courts/Hearst Community’s services.

Curtains for the Uptown Hull House Center Theater
Deanna Isaacs Chicago Reader 25 June 2013
This article details the closing of the Uptown Hull House Center Theater, which was part of Hull House at some time.

Say Anything: Jane Addams Center Closing
Stefan Vilcins Chicago Reader 18 October 2001
This article provides information about the closing of the Jane Addams Center that closed under the direction of CEO Clarence Wood.

Unsettled at the Settlement House
Ben Joravsky Chicago Reader 16 August 2001
Additional details about the closing of the Jane Addams Center in Lakeview under the direction of Clarence Wood as CEO. Joravsky interviewed several staff members about their thoughts on the closing of the center.

“Inner City Youth Build Rapport at Camp”
Nancy Moss Chicago Tribune 29 July 1966
The article details Executive Director Paul Jans’ biggest claim to fame (and later failure) during his seven years in charge of the Hull House Association.

“Hull Houses New Man Moves In”
Sue Smith Chicago Tribune 24 Sept. 1969
The article details Robert T. Adams’ move to Chicago and provides a detailed biography focusing on his roots and the reasons for his plans for the future of Hull House.

“Jane Addams legacy is center-stage once more.”
Margaret Carrol Chicago Tribune 6 Sept. 1976
Though the article’s primary purpose is to advertise for an upcoming fundraising dinner for the Hull House Association that will honor Addams, it also outlines the programs the Association offered at the time.

“Jane Addams Hull House to close.”
Kate Thayer Chicago Tribune 19 Jan. 2012
This article recaps the number of programs, services, and individuals under the Jane Addams Hull House Association’s umbrella at the time of its closing.

Henry Booth House
This site gives information on the programs, the population the nonprofit serves, their vision, and the mission, and its core values which reflect pieces of what the Jane Addams Hull House Association provided to their clients.

“Did Hull House make a mistake by aggressively pursuing government dollars”
Suzanna Strassberger JUF News 28 Jan 2012
This post gives a brief financial history of the Jane Addams Hull House Association.