100 Years at Hull House
Mary Bryan and Allen Freeman Davis

Black Neighbors: Race and the Limits of Reform in the American Settlement House Movement, 1890-1945
Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn

Changing the Face of Medicine – Celebrating America’s Women Physicians
This biography of Dr. Alice Hamilton gives brief overview of Hamilton’s involvement with the Hull House and the Hull House’s impact on her in return.

1500 Idle Riot around Hull House & Women Help Slug Police; Bullets Fly
Author unknown Chicago Tribune 18 Jan 1915
The first article captures the different perspectives of community leaders on a riot that had ensued around the Hull House. The second article details the purpose and aftermath of the riot for the unemployed and explains Addams’ own role in the riot.

The Other Women of Hull House
Author unknown Chicago Tribune 27 Oct 1963
Short biographies of some of the other women involved in the Hull House (Florence Kelley, Julia Lathrop, and Dr. Alice Hamilton) and the contributions they made.

“A Hull House Visit Stirs Old Memories”
Author Unknown Chicago Tribune 4 July 1967
Former Hull House resident, Wallace W. Kirkland, revisited the House and describes the differences in the building and community as well as what it was like to live in the Hull House, and recounts his personal interactions with and impressions of Addams.

“Hull House Tours Will Mark End of 4-Year Restoration.”
Author Unknown Chicago Tribune 15 June 1967
This article includes photos and details the renovations the University of Illinois made to the Hull House after they saved it from demolition and took it on as part of their new campus.

Encyclopedia of Chicago Entry on Hull House
This entry gives a brief history of the Hull House and the players involved in its creation and maintenance, specifically during the first twenty years of its existence. Note: The entry has not been updated since 2012

Hull House Maps and Papers: A Presentation of Nationalities and Wages in a Congested District of Chicago, Together with Comments and Essays on Problems Growing Out of the Social Conditions
Jane Addams, Residents of Hull House, and Rima Lunin Shultz.

I Came a Stranger – The Story of a Hull House Girl
Hilda Satt Polacheck

Lines of Activity: Performance, Historiography, Hull House domesticity
Shannon Jackson

Mary Crane Nursery
This document states that the Mary Crane Nursery was organized by Jane Addams and Hull House in 1907. This nursery was one of the United States’ first experimental nursery schools and helped lay the foundation for today’s Early Childhood Education.

Jane Addams – Biographical
Nobel Prize Biography
Once Addams and Starr opened the doors of the Hull House, they quickly learned that the working class of Chicago was desperately in need of a variety of services.

Hull-House Maps and Papers: A Presentation of Nationalities and Wages in a Congested District of Chicago
Florence Kelley and Residents of Hull House
Maps of the Hull House’s surrounding area (the 19th ward) that are color-coded to indicate nationality and wage per week in different buildings and homes.

Pluralism & Progressives: Hull House and the New Immigrants, 1890-1919
Rivka Shpak Lissak

Pots of Promise: Mexicans and Pottery at Hull House, 1920-1940 (Latinos in Chicago and Midwest)
Cheryl Ganz, Margaret Strobel and Vicki L. Ruiz

The Many Faces of Hull House: The photographs of Wallace Kirkland
Mary Durham Johnson and Wallace Kirkland

The Social Welfare History Project: Florence Kelley
This detailed biography gives an overview of Kelley’s life and details her joining of the Hull House in 1891 along with three other key women (Addams, Lathrop, Starr).

The Social Welfare History Project: Julia Clifford Lathrop
This biography details how and when Lathrop became involved in the Hull House. Lathrop later became the Chief of the Children’s Bureau in 1912 where she was able to further advocate for the causes she fought for during her time at the Hull House.

Hull House – History of Hull House & Some of its Famous Residents
This article briefly details the Settlement House movement and the Hull House itself. It also lists many of the influential residents of Hull House, what each individual contributed to the Hull House, and what they went on to do after they finished their work at the Hull House.